Rudy Jaramillo (Chicago Cubs Hitting Coach)
"Most coaches can tell you what you’re doing wrong. Joe Barth Jr., The Hit Doctor, gets to the root of the problem. He tells you what you’re doing wrong, and how to fix it!"

Denny Potts, (Former Head Coach, KY Wesleyan College)
"Never in my 25+ years of coaching, have I seen players working with such intensity and purpose. This is a great program for coaches and players alike. Joe's knowledge is unsurpassed. I was even more impressed with the rapport he established with my players!"

Will George - (Scouting Supervisor for Florida Marlins)
"Joe Barth is one of the most knowledgeable, hardest-working baseball instructors in the country! I've been in professional baseball for 21 years...9 as a player, 12 as a minor league coach and scout, and Joe is as good, if not better than any hitting coach in professional baseball today. In working numerous camps with Joe, I found that he has developed programs that are fun, informative, and individualized to each player. If you want to have fun, and learn the proper way to play baseball at the same time, Joe Barth's Hit Doctor Camps are the way to do it!"

Rowland George - (Former pro pitcher, Coach and Scout)
"The impact that Joe Barth Jr. (Hit Doctor Baseball Camps) and his teaching techniques have had and will continue to have on South Jersey is phenomenal.
We are now seeing, on a yearly basis, the long term effects Joe's camps are having. So many of the kids, regardless of what high school program they are in, have been through Joe's camps, and from an early age have been introduced and exposed to the correct fundamentals of baseball. And just like the seeds that are planted in the ground, these camps have provided fertile ground for players to develop. I believe the culmination is that year un and year out, we will have a rich harvest of baseball players here in South Jersey."

Letters from our Attendees

"I want to thank you for all of the help you gave K during your HS Elite camp over the winter. K had a wonderful season as a freshman (he hit over 600) & made a tremendous amount of progress as a direct result of the work at the camp prior to the season. In my opinion, your technical skills are great, but what separates you from any other teacher of these skills is your delivery. It is sharp and consice. The kids understand it and retain it. You explain to them that it is not magic, but hard work, and that it is very much within their grasp. You cannot go to every game with every kid ... you give them something better: self-reliance and self-confidence. This they can take with them for the rest of their lives. It is this gift for which I am most grateful." -- DD

"You are a houshold name in our family ... my son and I owe his hitting success to your camp and all your instructors ... I will forever be a believer in your method of instruction and will personally use it with the teams I coach in the future. But most of all, I believe in you and your true desire to inspire these kids to play ball! I can never thank you enough!" -- Joe O

"I wish to thank you all for doing a wonderful job teaching D. how to hit ... As a P.E. teacher and a coach I just want you to know this is the best camp I've seen, in all of my years of coaching and attending camps. You let the parents participate and it helps them during the season ... It has been a rewarding experience for both D. and myself." -- PS