Year-Round Training for Approved Candidates

For the serious player who has aspirations to play college or professional baseball. To participate in this program, Academy Members must exhibit:

1. A good work ethic &
2. Above average ability

Train 4-6 days per week with other players who are as serious about their baseball as you are! Set up your own schedule around schoolwork and other obligations.

  • Mental & Goal-Setting Program
  • Defensive Workouts
  • Live Batting Practice Sessions
  • Base-Running Programs
  • Customized Hitting & Pitching Programs
  • Instructional Games
  • Parent Consultations
  • Periodic Testing and Evaluations
  • Bullpen Sessions
  • College Recruiting Assistance
  • SAQ (Speed-Agility-Quickness)
  • Baseball Strength and Conditioning

Is PDA the right program for you? Meet with the program directors to find out! ***SPECIAL OFFER - 1 Free Trial Day available by appointment for first time campers. (must ask to receive).

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