The Hit Doctor® Baseball Camps are the concept of National Director Joe Barth Jr., head coach of the Brooklawn American Legion Baseball team from 1978 - 2000. Joe Jr. and his son, Bob Barth, are considered by both college and professional coaches to be among the finest coaches and baseball instructors in America today. Their Tri-State Arsenal Program is considered one of the top travel baseball organizations in the country. Over the years, the Barths have sent thousands of youngsters on to college and professional ball.

The Hit Doctor® camps have been an overwhelming success from coast to coast, because we have always been dedicated to maintaining the highest quality of instruction, while keeping the fun in the game we love. One of our primary goals is to help restore the game of baseball to its former stature as America’s greatest pastime. We believe that teaching kids the proper way to play, thereby enabling them to enjoy some measure of success, will naturally instill in their hearts a love for the greatest game ever invented.

The Hit Doctor® camps address every facet of baseball, with instructional techniques and drills unlike anything the average player has ever seen. The individualized training systems we've developed go far beyond anything normally offered in a camp situation. They are designed so that, when a player participates in a Hit Doctor® camp, he emerges with a workable program he can stay with for the rest of his career.

The Hit Doctor® camps are always evolving. We seek out and test new ideas and drills at each position from top coaches all over the USA, so that the Hit Doctor® programs always remain fresh and current. We are proud to present what we consider to be The Ultimate Training Programs for Young Players.

What Separates Us from the Other Camps?

  • The quality of the instructional material that we teach.
  • The attitude and methods we use to instruct.
  • The quality of the coaches and staff.
  • Our willingness to instruct the local youth league coaches and parents.

What about Tunnel Rentals and Private Lessons?

Private lessons and tunnel rentals are arranged by appointment, depending on availability of both space in the facility, and of the staff coaches. Tunnels are available for one hour rentals with or without a pitching machine. Additional options with pitchers, catchers, larger tunnels, mounds, etc. are also available.

Schedule a private lesson or reserve a tunnel by calling the ACADEMY during regular hours: 12 N - 7 PM. 856-354-0201. You may also register for Private lesson online by clicking here and creating an account.

How do I register for a Camp?

Check the current camp schedules for the various camps available that you may want to attend. You can either register for a camp online or download and complete a registration form (located on our home page) and mail it into with payment, or call with you credit card information.